Classic kitchens

Classic Kitchen Shop

Traditional models made with precious essences, such as walnut or oak, are treated with craftsmanship so that the beauty of the wood expresses its best, with knots and pleasant visible grain. The specialized brands are varied, as are the relative lines in classic, retro and rustic style that you can find in our well-stocked shop, all creatively modular according to the needs of each customer. Classic style kitchens are compositions of timeless value, in which wood, lacquered or in essence and treated in an artisanal way, is the most used material and suitable for completing its aesthetic value. The style kitchens, lacquered in natural tones or in wood, give brightness to even the smallest rooms; moreover, if they are white, they become particularly modern and refined. In our Classic Kitchens shop you can buy various models with traditional features, but furnished in the best way to find a solution to the most modern needs of the new way of living your home. The traditional frame doors, the highly elegant chimney hoods and the display cases are all elements that distinguish traditional kitchens, but there is no lack of operational islands and storage units to customize the environment.