Design kitchens

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The kitchen
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Skill Frame
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Twenty Wardrobe
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Fly Wardrobe

Kitchen Design Shop

New shades of color and details, sustainability and attention to the environment, minimalism of shapes and sophisticated design are the driving forces behind these furnishing solutions, produced by the best manufacturers in the sector. Thanks to the personalized services we offer you will be able to design the kitchen you have always wanted by relying on a team of expert consultants who will also follow you in solving any problems after purchase. The new generation solutions take on new elements such as the backs equipped with sliding or retractable panels, placed between base and wall units, which become additional storage units and allow you to better organize the interiors. Architects and consultants will show you models increasingly aimed at hospitality, as they are open to the living room but accompanied by peculiar characteristics typical of professional kitchens. Precious materials, customizable shapes, innovative and highly performing appliances: Design Kitchens know how to attract attention, they are in fact hyper functional and refined from an aesthetic point of view. In our Cucine Design store, the latest proposals from the most famous brands on the market await you, representing the evolution of design and the contemporary way of life.